Rolando Nuztas is a Mexican polymath that has gathered a series of knowledge from different areas and is the director & founder of the Liber Abaci institute. He is mainly a DJ and later specialized as a researcher.

Juan Diego is the DJ pseudonym of Rolando Nuztas, label manager of Liber Abaci Records with the sublabel 22 July Records for EDM and Federal Reserve Records for alternative music. Juan Diego mix allmost all the EDM genders like Electro- Progressive House and Trance, the gamma of  Deep House/Tech House/Techno & Psy-trance. Juan Diego have a unique mixing style as is a multi-instrumentalist and use a technique with exact melodic transitions making a DJ set similar to a symphony.

The labels release tracks by 10 different music projects created by Rolando Nuztas as a multiproducer. The projects are: "144" experimental math House, "Antipas" experimental math Techno, "Lamb Wrath" Deep House, "Watermelon" Psy-Trance, "Tiwanaku" Electro-House, "Sun Beam" Progressive-House, "Alternating Current" Techno, "Dajjal" Trip-Hop, "Mara" Hip-Hop & "John of Patmos" that have create the gender: Art Music. John of patmos is also the pseudonym the polymath Rolando Nuztas use for visual arts.

Rolando Nuztas has concluded a new or unexplored area in the rhythm after the analysis of a few EDM tracks and the Jazz and Rock alternative rhithmic units. The natural numbers shows more than one way to sequence electronic music with steady progressions and not only the traditional rhythmic unit of the number 8, using 4/4 time signature and progressions after 8 bars. There is an ascending range of the multiples and dividers of the natural numbers from the number 10 to the number 19 plus the prime numbers that allows to sequence steady progressive stages in music using the numbers as rhythmic units, bars or steady pulses. Liber Abaci Records have classify this natural or possible rhythmic units as the Kappa Units.

Federal Reserve Records is a label for alternative music focused to inform the reality of the money creation and the conspiracy theories after the September 11 terrorist attacks. Also the anthropological debate on Racism, Classism, Socialism and Culturalism.

Rolando Nuztas is also a pseudoscientist and a researcher, have create the Liber Abaci Institute by his past years of studies that have been the product of a involuntary cloister. At the age of 22 Rolando Nuztas just as a DJ have get lock in home as was been chased by mexican hitman. A lot of child on Albania suffers this issue due to a cultural problem called Gjakmarrja.  At the age of 27 as a polymath Rolando Nuztas could get away to scape from Guadalajara, Mexico to Cancun for the 2013 christmas.

After 5 years of involuntary cloister the DJ has became a multi-project producer, a general anthropologist and more. The polymath has explore different knowledge areas and has archive a variety of intelectual contributions like: music and visual arts using Golden and Silver ratio, a new, unxplored or defined rhythm system named "Kappa Units", the secret of the pyramids using the dynamo theory, the truth about the ancient antigravity system using the ancient solfeggio scale, a new gravity and black hole theory completing Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking theories called the RN Gravity Theory, a new calendar, a variety of conspiracy, theology, quantum, genetic, pseudoscience and pseudoarcheaology theories & the a new way to play association football named Fibonacci Football.
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